i'll be looking for you
i'm not paparazzi or a stalker, no



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I’m making a scrapbook for Justin.

If you’re a belieber and you have a message for him, send them to me, and i will include them!

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Anonymous inquired:

15 and you ?


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How old r u


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Yo I wanna meet him when he goes on tour can you explain how the whole meet and greet packages are? And would it be better to join the fan club in order to get early access ?? Thx

meet and greets are ALOT of money. For me, it costs about $1000 but idk what fan club you’re talking about.

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enaszarroug inquired:

Do u know any Beliebers here?

personally? I don’t think so, but I would like to.

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Where are u from?

North Carolina

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Yeah. Justin is going on tour next year.. He told fans that he is!!

I hope so!

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So why are u making a scrapbook now? His album isn't even out yet. Lmao

Because it’s gonna take me a long ass time to make it look good, and why are you so rude when I’m trying to do something appreciative?

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