The way she twerk it
I just might pull out my visa
team-brooke inquired:

Umm can I tell you your amazing!!

Me or Justin?

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Anonymous inquired:

hi justin bieber twitter pack pls

excuse me?

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Justin’s nominated for Best Male artist and Best Canadian act for this years EMA’s, make sure to vote for him!

He’s also nominated for Biggest Fans! If you’ve twitter make sure to tweet the hashtag 


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I love ur music I'm huge fan❤

i’m not Justin, but im sure he appreciates it :)

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the-jeanshorts inquired:

Will you post some pictures of justin in a beanie? Please ily

sure thing, just let me find some

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OMG I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!! Your blog is perfffeccccttt!! follow me??

thank you. and sure

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xmyde inquired:

I love your 's blog is good. But My blog is better your a..

excuse me???? I literally don’t understand this.

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